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Improving the lives of girls and women since second grade.

Dori is not only a steady cheerleader for you and your goals, but she also brings decades of experience and knowledge. She holds you accountable, and she teaches you the skills you need to become a better leader. Her ultimate goal is to elevate you! Whether it's something specific to your career or your life, Dori will stay by your side to help you craft the life you want. It's an investment in YOU that yields a high ROI. 


Dori holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and has worked as an Executive Coach, counselor, social worker, and therapist, helping hundreds of women create better lives for themselves. She also has decades of leadership experience, which has taught her many valuable lessons that she now wants to share with you.

Creative and Talented

"She has a unique ability to connect with people and develop a deep understanding of where they are at in life and where they wish they were. Dori has been a great coach for me and has helped me develop into the community leader that I am today. She is creative and talented and has always been able to give me a new and unique perspective that has helped me come up with creative solutions to barriers that I faced both personally and professionally."

Maria M.

Press Secretary, City of Pittsburg

Begin the Journey!

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